About the Company

Foxtron ltd. focus on development and production of control systems and control interfaces of intelligent electrical installations. Our products are suitable for automatic lighting control in production halls, hotels, lecture halls, museums and galleries, intelligent buildings and many others applications. Main area of our control systems are DALI, KNX, DMX and PEX.

Our company offers complex services in lighting management including consultations, projects, development, production and installation. Foxtron ltd. has done large amount of projects and offers full scale of products designed to control incandescent, fluorescent and LED lamps. Beyond our own control system Power Express we also develop and produce units which comply with worldwide standards DALI, KNX and DMX.

Ongoing development in data communication and technologies inspires company´s development department to satisfy customer´s requirements. For this reason we welcome feedback about our products.

From a technical point of view we emphasis reliability, low power consumption and downsizing. From the user's point of view, we emphasis an automatic recognition of the type of load and optimizing its management capabilities, to extend remote management capabilities and compatibility with control systems from other manufacturers.

We have over 20 years of experience with control systems and we would be happy to help you.