This program is used for setup of KNX232, KNX232e, KNX232e1K and KNXnet.

nastaveni Configate.exe

KNXpar configuration software

Configuration software for KNXpar.

nastaveni KNXpar.exe

Foxtron block diagrams for DALI devices

Block diagrams of Foxtron DALI and KNX units for planners. Each block diagrams are also available for download at each unit´s web page.

zip icon Block diagrams

DALI232/DALI232e/DALInet communication protocol

Communication protocol serves to control of DALI232/DALI232e/DALInet/DALI2net converter using serial line RS232.

pdf Communication protocol



Here you can find frequently asked questions about DALI bus.

pdf FAQ

FOXnet Finder

FOXnet Finder is a program tool which detects ethernet converters manufactured by Foxtron company. It searches DALInet, KNXnet and SERInet.

nastaveni FOXnetFinder


For proper running PEX 2.0 it is necessary to have installed Microsoft .NET Framework, which is since Windows Vista part of basic installation.

PEX 2.4 is supported by Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.


PEX 2.4.4632 Setup

pdf PEX manual
pdf PEX protocol