Philip Morris


In 2018 we installed control system to Philip Morris production halls in Kutná hora. In 2019 this system has been expanded to additional production halls. There is 17 DALI buses.



T-Mobile - data centers


In 2017 - 2019 we installed DALI control system in several T-Mobile´s data centers. Besides "classical" control there were microwave sensors DALImiw30 in the rack aisles.



Rohde and Schwarz


In 2016 we installed DALI control system to Rohde and Schwarz in Vimperk. 11 DALI buses.






In 2017 - 2018 we installed DALI control system to five Valeo´s production halls in Humpolec. Together it was 13 DALI buses.






In years 2018 and 2019 we realized DALI control system in the production hall and in the  office Eberspächer in Rakovník.



Continental in Trutnov


Between years 2017-2019 we put our DALI lighting control system into 10 production halls in Continental. 34 DALI buses are regulated this way.



Solar Turbines (Caterpillar)


As an example of connection multiple DALI lines can serve the industrial hall Solar Turbines (Caterpillar) in Žatec. In this project 800 lights are being regulated on the constant level suring the day. 14 DALI buses are being aggregated in one touch panel. Automatic regulation is provided by lighting sensors.


Model of Tornado


Foxtron company realized the control of tornado model in information centre of ČEZ in water power plant Hučák. On the video you can see how it looks like.



Atlantida exhibition


In 2014 we realized lighting of interactive exhibition of Czech famous painter mr. Zdeněk Hajný in Uherský Ostroh. This exhibition is specific with bringing the visitors into the art pieces.




National monument on Vítkov


The monument of National liberation was build between the years 1929 - 1938 to honor Czechoslovak legionnaires. After the World war II. it served as a reminder of antifascist resistance. After 1948 it served for communist propaganda. In 2009 (after two year reconstruction) it was opened for public and it can serve to the original idea.


The puppet museum in Pilsen


In Pilsen there was a grand opening in 2009 of the new puppet exposition. There are over 1200 puppets from Pilsen and neigbourhood including the most famous ones "Spejbl" and "Hurvínek". Exposition shows not only the exceptional history and current scene of Pilsner puppetry but also interactively connect the children and adults. For the best experience we have done atmospheric illumination of the space and control system of automatic theater. This theater plays a small show to a visitor on demand. This become one of the biggest attraction immediately. 


Model of JE Dukovany pumps


This custom control system was realized by our company for nuclear power plant Dukovany. They wish to have a model of the main circulation pumps same as in the actual reactor. We have suplplied the low power consuming computer based on the Intel Atom platform with special software which controls the model. Users interface allows intuitive control thanks to touch screen and also manual control switches which are the same as in the actual nuclear power plant.


Hotel King's Court


Hotel King´s court is located in the picturesque locality in the center of Prague. It is great example that Power Express can combine maximal estetic effect and low energy demand of the lighting.



Faculty hospital in Brno


The goal of the project called "Laboratoř chůze" (walking laboratory) it to improve the medical indication of childrens surgery of spastic cerebral palsy. Their movement is monitored by advanced technology "3D motion analysis" which allows analysis of movement range in each of the joints thanks to 8 infrared cameras. For proper funcionality of this system is necesarry low intensity lighting with high stability. For comparing the results of the same patient there is need for same lighting level each time. Desired intensity however varies for different procedures which implies more sofisticated device than standard devices can offer.