• DALI to RS232 converter
  • DALI to Modbus converter
  • ASCII protocol
  • Power source from RS232
  • Support of MULTIMASTER
  • Signalization of DALI bus connection
  • Signalization on DALI bus communication
  • Support of NEMA DALI and eDALI messages
  • Galvanic isolation DALI and RS232
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DALI and RS232 converter

Using the DALI232 converter is control device able to send and receive messages on DALI bus. Except of standard messages user messages with various length can be sent and received.

DALI232 supports Multimaster communication (more master devices can communicate on DALI bus). Control device can send data at any time and collisions are solved by DALI232 converter.

DALI232 sends to control device all communication on DALI bus. Answers on DALI bus are sent to RS232 in one message together with appropriate query, even in case, that the query was sent by another device.

Control device is automatically informed about collisions on DALI bus (framing error) and other states (for example: short connection or main voltage on the DALI bus. DALI232e is powered from 3V serial line. It is possible to order 5V modification.

 DALI232e can convert DALI messages either to ASCII or Modbus RTU.



pdf User manual
pdf Communication protocol