Message generator for DALI232 and DALInet

The protocol for DALI232, DALI232e, DALInet and DALI2net is given in the manual, but for simplicity, this message generator can be used to create a message including checksum and other details that can be sent to the converter and it will send the appropriate message to the DALI bus.

Addressing the ballast to DALI




Message for DALI232 / DALInet

  • DEC - decadic notation of numbers


  • 0xHEX - hexadecimal number notation (bytes written in 0x0A format)


  • $HEX - hexadecimal notation of numbers (bytes written in $0A format)


  • ASCII writing of numbers (bytes written as ASCII characters, byte values that do not have a character assigned in the ASCII table are written in hexadecimal form <0x01>



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