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Development of DALI control system

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Kongresové centrum Praha

Sportovní hala Královka

T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.


The DALI bus, under the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance, developed by the world's leading lighting manufacturers, was created to replace the now obsolete 1-10V control system. Thanks to the two-way communication of the control system, it is possible not only to carry out commands to switch on, switch off, dim, report luminaire faults, or control the luminaire according to time and motion using motion sensors, but also to control e.g. blinds, pergolas or air conditioning based on ambient temperature. DALI works with any luminaire with DALI ballast, which can be purchased for your luminaire separately.

Although DALI offers an almost infinite number of options for controlling LED lighting systems, its impact on energy efficiency, maintenance and environmental friendliness in the world of professional lighting for your business and home is significant. DALI refers to the IEC 62386 standard, which means that all of these devices are compatible with each other and so can guarantee maximum functionality.

The DALI architecture allows individual or group digital control of the luminaire. The installation of a DALI lighting network is very simple - it is in fact a wiring system, no more complex than the original analogue control systems. In order to program the luminaires according to the requirement, it is necessary to use the software that works with the bus, so we recommend downloading DALIconfig from our website, which will make setting up the lighting network easier.



We focus on DALI, KNX, DMX and PEX products.

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