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Development and production of DALI control system

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Our DALI bus control system shines both at home and abroad.
We are Foxtron and we control lighting systems.


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DALI bus controlled lighting provides exceptional flexibility and full control of the light in your space. With DALI you can achieve significant energy savings and reduce the overall cost of running lighting in your building.

DALI and DALI2 protocol

DALI bus control system as a modern replacement for the outdated 1-10V system. Control is fast and intelligent. Dimming, fault reporting, or time and motion control of lighting has never been more accessible. The control system is compatible with many light ballasts that can also be purchased separately.

DALI bus control system


At Foxtron, we pride ourselves on manufacturing the control system. Using the world renowned DALI and DALI2 bus, we provide the most advanced and reliable solution for controlling lighting systems..


What is DALI system?

The DALI bus offers many possibilities for controlling LED lighting systems and its impact on energy efficiency, maintenance and environmental friendliness in the world of professional lighting is significant. It refers to the IEC 62386 standard, which means that all devices are compatible with each other.

dali system


Our bus control system is designed with simplicity of installation and use in mind, allowing for quick and efficient integration into a variety of lighting applications. The goal is to help our customers achieve maximum energy savings while providing optimal lighting through advanced control features.


Industrial LED lighting control

With the ability to program timings and use other advanced features, you can easily adapt to different situations and moods.
You don't have to limit yourself to specific light sources - our DALI bus devices are compatible with a wide range of light sources.

DALI bus product portfolio.

Power sources, drivers, converters, dimmers, switches, sensors and converters.

DALI2net converter



The DALI bus catalogue offers a wide range of products to cover different needs and applications.


The DALI bus is a key element for intelligent lighting and brings many benefits for energy efficient lighting in your space. With the ability to program timings and scenes, dynamic lighting can be created with the DALI system to suit your current needs and moods. DALI bus control system is the foundation for the future of lighting, enabling easy integration with smart home systems and automation.

Our DALI bus control system is the result of many years of experience and innovation in the lighting industry. DALI bus controlled lighting provides exceptional flexibility and the ability to fully control the light in your space. With DALI you can achieve significant energy savings and reduce the overall cost of running lighting in your building.

The DALI bus is one of the most widely used and efficient lighting control protocols in the world, and our solutions bring you its full potential.


Low wiring costs

Low wiring costs

The DALI bus uses conventional power cables to connect the devices. The maximum transmission distance is 300 metres.

High resistance to interference

High resistance to interference

Due to its resistance to interference, the DALI bus can be routed together with the power conductors in a single cable with a conductor cross section of 5x1.5mm².

Easy device connection

Easy device connection

Two-wire wiring does not require polarity, and this allows sensors and motion sensors to be powered directly from the bus.

International standard

International standard

The DALI bus is an internationally recognized standard, which means a wide availability and choice of compatible equipment on the market.

DALI - wiring block diagram

DALI bus

The basis is a special light ballast and DALIpwr power supply, which powers all DALI perfieries, including the light ballasts. For convenient control, use the FTC control unit and connect to a DALI to ETH converter, called DALInet or DALI2net. Connect the control buttons and sensors to the two-wire and configure the control system using the DALIconfig software, which is available as a free download.


We produce mainly bus devices DALI, KNX, DMX and PEX.

DALI2net converter


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