• Converter DALI ⇄ USB (USB-C)
  • DALI2 support
  • MULTIMASTER support
  • USB power supply
  • DALI communication signal
  • Integrated DALI switching power supply
Price incl. VAT:6 655 Kč
VAT excl.5 500 Kč
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DALI to USB bus converter with USB-C connector

The converter with USB-C connector and built-in power supply for DALI bus is used for easy configuration and control of the bus.

Our control program DALIconfig, which can be downloaded, will help you for this purpose. here.

In addition to the above program, any application can communicate with the DALIusb converter using the ASCII protocol.

Through the DALIusb converter we can send messages directly to the DALI bus to the control devices. In addition to standard messages, messages with user-defined lengths can also be sent. DALIusb supports Multimaster (multiple devices at the same time actively sending data to the bus).

The controller can send data at any time, any collision on the DALI bus is solved by DALIusb. The device is also notified of bus information, possible collisions or short circuits. 


pdf User manual
nastaveni DALIconfig
pdf DALIconfig manual
pdf Declaration of conformity
pdf Driver Installation Instructions
nastaveni Drivers


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