• KNX interface - Mitsubishi air conditioning
  • Communication signalling
  • Power supply from KNX bus
  • Configurable addresses on KNX
  • DIN rail mounting (1 module)
  • Consumption 10mA
Price incl. VAT:5 808 Kč
VAT excl.4 800 Kč
In stock

Interface EIBACMi105

Interface EIBACMi105 is used for airconditions Mitsubishi control from KNX bus.

The interface is connected to AC unit thanks to the cable with connector CN105 which is included in the delivery.

On the front interface panel are signalized communications with AC unit and KNX bus.

Setting of EIBACMi105 is done with EIBACMi105 cable which is free with order over 5 pieces of EIBACMi105.


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