• Interface Galaxy - KNX
  • Supplied from KNX bus
  • Indication of communication on KNX / Galaxy
  • Mounting on DIN rail (1 module)
  • Adjustable adresses on KNX by program KNXgal.exe (free)
Price incl. VAT:10 925 Kč
VAT excl.9 029 Kč
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Interface KNX - security central Galaxy

Interface KNXgal is used to integrate security into the installation panels Galaxy KNX bus.

When the conditions of the central changes the KNXgal sends changes to KNX. It is possible to actively read the security central states or set the periodic sending at different time intervals.

With supplied program which is free to download below can be set KNX address used for security central and other parameters of KNXgal unit.

The front panel is indicated with the KNX and the security central communication.


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