• Dimmer for resistive or inductive loads
  • Load up to 4A
  • Two independently regulated circuits
  • Channel load up to 2.7A
  • Output level indication of both channels
  • DMXbus
Price incl. VAT:10 648 Kč
VAT excl.8 800 Kč
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Two-channel dimmer for resistive or inductive load

PED202DMX is used for dimming resistive or inductive (wound transformers) load from the DMX bus.

In addition to the bus DMX controll the output level can be controlled by external inputs and buttons on the front panel of the unit.

Maximum load of each channel is 2,7A. Overall maximum load can not exceed 4A.

On the front panel there is signalized an output level for both channels.



pdf Datasheet v0.0

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