• Sensor for AC current measurement
  • True RMS measurement
  • Measurement range 0 - 12A
  • DALI bus power supply
  • Up to 6 sensors on one device
  • DIN rail mounting
Price incl. VAT:4 719 Kč
VAT excl.3 900 Kč
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DALIcus current sensor

DALIcus is a universal digital current sensor that allows galvanically isolated measurement of the effective value of AC current with a frequency of 50 Hz in the range of 0 - 12A. The sensor communicates via DALI bus messages, from which it is also powered. Apart from the standard DALI address assignment, it requires no further setup. The DALIcus version allows to measure the current in one conductor. On request, DALIcus can be produced with multiple measuring coils (DALIcus2, DALIcus3, DALIcus4, DALIcus5, DALIcus6). The DALIcus2 to DALIcus6 variants allow independent current measurement in multiple conductors.


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